All Star Strip Poker - Girls at Work

The Polish version of the game, including a spicy scenes with actresses that are missing in the German version. "The girls at work - Strip Poker" is an incredibly erotic version of the game and a follower of "Strip Poker all stars." Sit down for more comfortable and start the game against the five beauties that will require you to use all your skill in poker, that would reward you well after the beautiful "types"! Play with sex as a waitress in a billiard club, with a passionate home secretary, with the sensuous nurse, a teacher with the sport of swimming and innocent student! Play "The girls at work" offers you more than a 2-hour video of the highest quality with the appropriate "type"! Beauties are real European Pornstars, including Italian pornokorolevu - Veronica Vanoza!
Genre: Adventure, Striptease, Card-game (poker) Publication
Type: Original (Genuine)
License: Freeware

File size: 3.4 GB

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