Sex Slave Puppet Mayumi 2

This is a fully voiced, extremely realistic 3D animation that plays for 40 minutes. With special movie of 3 minutes 50 seconds.
The image resolution is 720x480

"You are very resistant against the pain, but very weak against the pleasure. So, withstand this training!"
Because of her love for the monster, Mayumi has become immortal.
She goes through various kinds of realistic and unrealistic sexual events in the palace of the monster.
Though every holes and every sensible parts of her body is being teased, she asks for a harder torture...

* Mayumi in "Sex Slave Puppet Mayumi" comes back!
* Fully voice acted by popular voice actors (Sayaka Keina and Tatsuya Nagajima)
* Story reveals its hidden connection with the story in "The Independent Investigator Izumi"
* You can fully enjoy every details of Mayumi's body with the bonus movie!

We recommend you to play the trial version, which is long and detailed and features Mayumi's enchanting moans.
In addition, the circle's website contains a gallery of 25 screenshots.

Total size: 1.4 GB in 2 files.

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